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Timi, thank you again for yesterday. I’ve noticed much more focus, clarity, and less food related thoughts/feelings. I left your session with a completely different belief about myself. It fascinates me how sound and vibration taps into the brain in a completely new way (new for me)! Your methods create a very relaxed state that allows inner mind to open up and be vulnerable to growth/change/updating.”

-Cat, New Mexico

I had the joy of meeting with Timi after being referred by a friend who had had a life-changing experience with her.

Upon entering the clinic where she conducts the healing sessions, I could feel the sense of “awe” and majesty even before we began.

She explained the process and made me feel very at ease. I was ready for my next step being at a crossroads in my life.

As the session began, I found it too intense to keep my eyes open so I closed them to see a vast array of colors. I saw the most vivid gold and purple that I have ever seen. I saw many things behind the darkness of my eyelids it was like a spectacular show of colors and abstract shapes flowing and moving much like a glorious kaleidoscope. I could hear the sounds of the tuning forks and chimes and bowls flow over me like water, and I could feel the vibrations throughout each bone in my body. And hearing Timi’s voice calling on the spirit guides and angels that made me feel very warm and embraced in Unconditional Love.

At one point, I saw some unbelievable visions like the gold and red serpent that opened his mouth wide and vomiting blackness that was from within. But I was not afraid only relieved. Then another clear scene, I was sitting in a beautiful sanctuary with the most vivid stained glass windows and I felt such warm peace flowing over every inch of my body and soul. Then another vision, I was sitting against a tree in a forest next to a stream and on my left my version of Jesus sat next to me with dark flowing hair and piercing dark eyes smiling at me. He re-assured me that indeed he had been with my entire life just as I believed as a little girl.

Speaking of which, in one scene, I could see myself as a little girl, playing the woods next to the stream and looking at myself wondering if I could trust myself to nurture and care for my inner child & listen to her voice, I reassured her that I would be there for her.

Since, my session, I have continued to have dreams and see visions in my meditations. I feel my eyes have been opened and there is now light shining on my new path.

Thank you Timi!

I am eternally grateful to you.

And thank you for sharing such love and wisdom with my sweet gift of a daughter! :-)”

-Tera, Arizona


Timi, I am so grateful for the healing session we had recently. It’s like I am free from the fear, obsessions, and thoughts that would consume my mind and it keep locked up in my head. I feel that the chains have been and cut and I am free to act and listen with my heart and body. I can now tell the distinction between my mind and my intuition and it’s so beautiful to fully fill inside my body. My emotions are more open as well and I can now cry instantly or feel an emotion that I need to feel at that very moment and then transmute that emotion into love and forgiveness of self. I am so excited to see and witness these gifts that I have always had within me and unlock them so humanity can feel the love and transmutation. Thank you from my heart, my mind and my soul for sharing your healing gifts with my soul. Gracias Timi

-Cady ~ Phoenix, AZ

Timi’s Sound Healing sessions are a transcendent experience. As a gifted sound healer, she brings much Light and presence into each session. I have have truly enjoyed and benefited from each and every Sound Healing session I have had with her.”

-Robyn, New Mexico


“Thank you for a wonderful healing session! You’re blessed with a unique gift, I felt better immediately and continue to see the healing working for days after the session.
I highly recommend Timi!
She’s very talented and has several techniques, every time I see her she works with something different and it’s amazing.”

-Laura, Texas


“It’s very difficult for a layperson like me to describe my two healing experiences with Timi. But I can say they have been life-changing, deeply moving and so very interesting. They’ve opened doors that have prompted me to explore situations in my life and my attitudes that I’m not sure could’ve happened any other way. Timi is so gifted with an innate and loving energetic healing power — she has an amazing ability to sense and correct energy blockages. During my healing sessions with her, I felt strong physical and emotional responses that made it apparent to me that how blocked my energetic system was. Her gifts are miraculous to me and I am so grateful to her.”

-Joy, Ohio


“I enjoyed a healing session with Timi this morning. She used her Fibonacci Forks on me today, and I felt some amazing sensations during this, as I have in the many sessions I’ve had the pleasure of having with her. She always is so professional and knowledgeable about her healing. I highly recommend her to any and all who are looking for a delightful and enlightening experience. I’ve used her services for over 6 years. I gifted all six of my wedding party for a healing session with her. Those who live here all have come back to her on their own, and brought their friends and family to her. So many reasons to love her!”

-Traci, New Mexico


“I’ve been receiving sound therapy from Timi the past six years. Timi is skilled at sound healing… for me that means cleansing, balancing and activating body energies. At the same time, Timi’s therapy sessions always rejuvenate my spiritual outlook and raise my vibrational frequencies.

Timi always takes special care to individualize my therapy sessions. By keeping up with the latest research in Sound Therapy, she offers relief from a number of stress-related symptoms common to everyday living.

If you or a loved one are in need of physical/mental/spiritual rejuvenation I strongly recommend her.”

-Stella, New Mexico


Can’t say I have any pressing medical problems, just the usual mid-seventies conditions. Nothing serious. But, at the urging of my wife, who visits Timi regularly and finds great relief, I agreed to a visit.
Timi will not proceed until she whisks the healing chamber clean. Then you are invited to enter. The room is wondrous. I wanted to sit up and just gaze at everything, but I decided to go with the flow. Another time, perhaps, Timi will allow me entrance just to gawk.
So, I take off my shoes and lie down. Timi briefs me on what to expect since this is my first time.
I close my eyes and the work begins. I fall asleep midway. Timi later tells me falling asleep is a good thing.
Treatment over, it’s about an hour, I slowly rise and put on my shoes.
Here’s the kicker… The only complaint I offered Timi is I’ve been experiencing pain in my back. Whether it’s from exertion or something more serious I have no idea. Since my treatment, my back pain is much less. But, better yet (for all you husbands), my wife tells me a week later that I am more responsive and loving than I was previously!
This is good news because, frankly, I am humanly deficient… that is, I am basically a cold, introverted person. I’m not going to hug you. I’m not going to open up to you. And yet, now I am.
Can Timi help you? I don’t know. I don’t know your condition. However, whatever your condition, if Timi can change your perception, your outlook on life, then I’d say go for it. One treatment and you will know.

-Jeff, New Mexico

“There have been many occasions when I have called upon Timi to send long-distance vibrations to heal loved ones. My mother has dementia and she was not doing very well at all. She had two surgeries on internal problems and it had set her back. After the distance healings were performed, my mother began to heal from the surgeries quicker and miraculous events started taking place for her. Although she still has dementia, the quality of her life and surroundings improved dramatically.

Timi also sent healing vibrations to my sister’s dog, who was only three years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer, which is very painful. The veterinarian was astounded by how long he lived and with little or no pain until the very end. Personally, every time I have asked Timi for healing vibrations my life is transformed. During a health crisis, doors started opening and I was given top professional care that had not been available to me. When arthritic knees and back pain arises, Timi heals them and the pain is gone.”

Sue ~ Texas


I am so incredibly grateful for the beautiful necklace you made to help battling my fears and depression. I truly appreciate and feel your healing energy you blessed and placed within the crystals. It feels so wonderful to wear and lifts up my spirits. You are doing something so truly meaningful by creating these beautiful jewelry and treating them with the oil blends as well as programming them. I cannot say how much I love and appreciate it.”

Aimée  ~  Dayton, Ohio
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