Distance Healing


It is $60. I accept personal checks or paypal.me/timiagnew.

I also offer distance healings for pets, for $30.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Distance Healing Testimonials:

“I would recommend that everyone should have a session with Timi! The deep sense of relaxation and groundedness was beyond anything that I have ever felt before. I “came” to Timi to help release anxiety, and the pure contentment I feel has filled my heart with love for myself and has filled my heart with love of everything around me. Timi is truly a beautiful and selfless soul that is sharing such a beautiful gift!”

June, 2018

BeTrice~ Dayton, OH


I did it! I felt amazing! A vivacious energy filled up my body with some vibrant colors, almost like being in a rainbow-tunnel! We need to do it more often, so I could fine-tune the connection to you! Thank you

I would like to do it again soon!”

July, 2018

Csaba ~ Florida


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