Group Healing / Meditation and Classes

Galactic Group Sound Healing

Every first Saturday of the month @6:30pm at

Desert Botanicals Spa

Desert Botanicals


Private Sound Activations:



for children 10 and under: $10

If there are at least six guests, the host(ess) is free.

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Chakra Class every third Saturday of the month in 2020



Desert Botanicals Spa


*Up Close and Personal with all our Chakras in January, 2020

*1st Chakra Healing Activities in February

to overcome anxiety and fear

*2nd Chakra Healing Activities in March

to open to JOY by clearing and releasing negative emotions and tension

*3rd Chakra Healing Activities in April

to unlock our personal power, and to facilitate transformation, miracles, and DNA-repair

*4th Chakra Healing Activities in May

to open to LOVE that is all around us, to harmonize unfavorable situations from all lifetimes, and accelerate our consciousness

*5th Chakra Healing Activities in June

to speak and live our Truth, awakening intuition, and cleansing the body from all types of toxins

*6th Chakra Healing Activities in July

to develop our abilities to receive more clarity, intuition, and insight, and returning to balance on all level

*7th Chakra Healing Activities in August

to develop our capacities for spiritual growth, for it is the portal opening to Higher spiritual consciousness and dimensions

*Thymus Energy Center Activations in September

to awaken your inner healer, stay healthier and heal faster, and to receive initiations to higher spiritual levels.

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