Spontaneous Cellular Release


SCR is a deep, multi-dimensional, Galactic healing modality, which accesses one’s Blueprint Matrix, and helps spontaneously release the energies that do not resonate with our Highest and Best, on the cellular and DNA/RNA level.

It is a process of self-healing and enlightenment, helping in the activations of the Light-Body.

The technique for SCR includes: working with the Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, the Axiatonal Lines, the Belt Lines, and the HARA Line. It also involves the chakra system, the organs, and the Light Body, along with sound, color, crystals, and channeling.

There are four levels to this healing modality.

  • Level I is the release of old beliefs, old programming and thought patterns, as well as old habits that do not serve one’s Highest and Best anymore.

  • Level II is the process of Meridian Alignment, Circuitry Activations, Belt Line integration, Yin/Yang balancing, and the activation of the multi-dimensional consciousness.

  • Level III is the activation of a multi-dimensional and Galactic healing.

  • Level IV is an advanced healing, called Electromedicine, which works on the Fifth-Dimensional Circulatory System.


This process was channeled by Oneesha Turner, in 1995.

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